Getting back into business + sneak peeks of NEW sewn minibooks!

Whew! I had no intentions of abandoning the blog, but I have not been myself the past three months. When I made my last post, I had only found out four days before that I was pregnant, again! I was still processing and digesting that  very sweet, but very surprising news, and I knew morning sickness was coming (because it has struck with a vengeance every preceding pregnancy)–I just didn’t know how awful it would hit.  : )

Twins! What a fun, fun surprise. I laugh to myself nearly everyday. I am giddy over it. I thank God a thousand times for this unexpected gift. I am so thrilled! But the nausea just knocked me off my feet from December through February–literally. There were days I could not sit up longer than fifteen minutes. All hobbies & projects & shop stuff & blogging just stopped; I had no desire to do anything other than lie down and not talk. I would feel physically sick at the thought of my past enjoyments. Seriously, I honestly thought I would never go back to blogging or shop stuff or minibook stuff because I could not STAND to look at any sort of craft stuff or be on the computer!

But now that I am seventeen weeks, I am sloooowly coming back to my former self (though I am a thousand times more tired!). I am rediscovering shop products that I worked on so happily in the fall before pregnancy, and I am now feeling motivated to share & list them!

I am prepping for a shop update coming early March! Woohoo! Back to business!! I will be listing those pretty 6×8-inch sewn minibooks I posted about in November. Back before my life halted to a crawl. : )

Here are the first rounds of sneak peeks…

gold2 blue4 pink1 sewnblgrn1 sewngreen1 sewnbrown3 purplesewn4 purplesewn3


Love these!!


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