Four weeks in AND shop sale!


We are HOME! We have been home four glorious, tired, joyful, stretching weeks! Some days are smooth and dreamy, where the house runs like a nice little machine & there’s laughter, messes, much snuggling, and fun. Other days take a nose dive into chaos & crying right away, where it all runs away from me, and I spent the whole day trying to catch up & catch my breath. Everyday, though, is full & fast, and there is a bright spotlight, or if not that a small glimmer, of how gracious & tender & loving & kind God has been to us through everything.

During the boys’ 20 & 27 day NICU stay, I wrote so much! Someday I hope to find minutes here and there to type some of them out. God is good.





In the meantime, I am running a 20%-off sale at my Etsy shop! Because of bedrest & all the upheaval that was my pregnancy, I never nested. (In fact, I picked out the boys’ room paint color over text while at Ronald McDonald house, ha!) As soon as I got home, that nesting instinct kicked in and I have cleaned out almost every closet & cranny in our house in the last 4 weeks! This included my craft stash! I am ready to clean out all those minibooks and maybe someday finally list all those other ones waiting to be photographed! : )



One response to “Four weeks in AND shop sale!

  1. Your family is just more and more beautiful every time I see pictures. The way you find beauty in the midst of the hard days is so inspiring.

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