House Musings: One Year In


We are one year in to our 1980’s tri-level! So much has happened during the first year in our home, though not in the way we expected.

If you had asked us last August what we’d like to have happened in a year, we would have dreamily rambled on about having so many rooms painted, so many things updated (master bath! light fixtures!), projects we’d be saving up for (a nice complete kitchen overhaul), and on and on, things we planned on tackling together… oh, we were so ambitious!

Here’s how our year went down…

only 4 rooms painted, 2 rooms with trim replaced, 1 80’s toilet replaced after it overflowed, 1 long drawn-out septic tank fiasco that resulted in our yard being dug up (all this, of course, during our traveling to Cincinnati for the twins!), 4 sets of blinds broken, our favorite oak tree struck by lightning & cut down, a happy but surprising twin pregnancy complete with non-stop nausea the first four months, complications, premature delivery, and a NICU stay. Whew!


Not exactly the way we planned it!

Yet, if I switch lenses — from looking at all we didn’t do — and instead look at the sweet everyday blessings that were given to us, here is how our year went down…


Our littlest daughter learned to walk on our hardwood floors. We welcomed with joy two new little souls into our hearts & homes. We hosted friends & family for dinners. Our daughters discovered a love of insects & animals they watched & found in our yard.


We saw friends willingly & lovingly give their time and energy to help us paint rooms & assemble cribs while the boys were in the NICU; friends & family who helped us figure out septic tank and plumbing issues; friends who donated trim and tools. We had friends & family give us meals during the nausea stage of my pregnancy, and give again while I was at the NICU, and give again and again; friends who came over and played with my girls, made them laugh, baked with them, colored with them, filled up their love cups, watched them during my appointments, and stayed with them all day so Rust could work while I was at the NICU. Our new home witnessed all of that.


Our home witnessed lonely nights of prayers & tears over the future of our boys, over how hard everything seemed; our home witnessed rejoicing and laughter, celebrations and even one Frozen party.


We celebrated fall with trees that had leaves that changed color! We celebrated Christmas with a cozy fire & the echoing laughter of our girls.


We started our second year of homeschooling in this house, and the space downstairs has been perfect for it… learning, talking, crafting, coloring…


Our three girls moved into one room this summer, and have learned how to live & play with different personalities, share spaces, compromise, apologize, forgive…


There is still so much to be done in our house, and sometimes I can feel overwhelmed! We are at a snail’s pace with home improvement, and I can easily get impatient. Yet thinking back on all the blessings scattered through our first year in our home, even in the midst of the stresses of toilets failing, medical issues, a backyard dug up, I am thankful for our home & our year.





3 responses to “House Musings: One Year In

  1. Lovely to see all the blessings rather than all the lack.

  2. So beautiful, Lace. Love you all and so glad to know your sweet family is doing well.

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