Newly Listed, Coming Soon, & Some Reduced

I have some minibooks I am finally photographing & listing, minibooks I started over a year ago and intended to list much, much sooner!

Life is beautifully full, the days fly by, and I am learning — still! — my new normal of life with three little girls under 6 years old & baby twin boys. I am not “back” to myself, nor will I probably ever be that version of myself again. There is something about having babies and caring for babies — every time! — that unmakes me, then remakes me again, over the course of the pregnancy and baby’s first year. And I reacquaint myself with myself, and then we start the process over again. Ha! 🙂  And with these guys, whose night time sleep is so inconsistent, I’ve noticed my creativity and drive to make, create, whatever, just ebbs and flows with how much sleep I’m getting. I have high hopes that by summer, when they are a year old, I will not only be sleeping through the night again (and they too!) but I will also be my “new” self adjusted to my “new normal”. We shall see.

(But! I must say: our days are so fun! The Buddies are almost 7 months (though 5 adjusted), and they add this extra happy craziness to our life. They are adored, and they adore us all right back, and somehow, Rust & I are loving this season even as it truly exhausts us!)

Anyway. Rambling. Here are some peeks at to what’s newly added to the shop + what’s coming + what’s reduced.

Newly Listed {click to see the kit in the shop} —

il_fullxfull.697971525_trp1 il_fullxfull.697879702_n502 il_fullxfull.697870522_lawm il_fullxfull.657542626_2p6v il_fullxfull.657161200_s54o


Plus some Valentine’s / Anniversary kits I offered a couple years ago…

il_fullxfull.418676562_b4cx il_fullxfull.418687996_qg1z il_fullxfull.419080630_kefc il_fullxfull.419533888_4og8 il_fullxfull.419533918_lpcv il_fullxfull.419022765_s9w7

Coming Soon in January 2015 — Boy-themed & masculine minibooks!

toybox bike 2

toybox blue 2b toybox train 2 toybox woodgrain 2 toybox diamonds 3 toybox diamonds 4 dapper wood white 2 dapper chevron 5 dapper chevron 6

And finally, marked down to $8 {click to see the kit in the shop} —

il_fullxfull.440880072_sff4 il_fullxfull.440871966_1pbz il_fullxfull.441236182_sikr il_fullxfull.441256965_kqwz il_fullxfull.410908698_sm0p


One response to “Newly Listed, Coming Soon, & Some Reduced

  1. I love how you describe the first year as unmaking you then remaking you…that’s a beautiful way to describe it!

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