A 2014 {Crafty} Year-in-Review


This post kicks off my attempt to blog at least a little more regularly. I really do love writing & sharing house/crafty/minibook/life stuff!

A few months ago I did a post on “one year in” our 1980’s house, which did a pretty good job summing up our past year. Which really was: twin pregnancy. premature birth. NICU stay. adjusting to life with 5 under 5. And that was most of it. We could not keep up with social commitments. We let a lot of good things go. The months leading up to the arrival + the arrival of our precious, wonderful little loves turned the rhythm & flow of our whole life upside-down, in the best way possible. : ) Adding souls to love & nourish & pour into a family is one of the greatest reasons to have your “life interrupted,” and I mean that with all my heart.

Rewinding to 2013, it was a highly active, inspired year for me as far as minibooks went… I tried four new minibook styles (as I had intended in my 2013 memory-keeping goals) and made over 20 minibooks, some of which I hope to blog about in my attempt to “catch up” to blogging…

2013 minibooks2

2013 Minibooks


Pregnancy & nausea & finishing our first year of homeschooling & settling into a new home slowed down the minibook-making early in 2014… it wasn’t until I started feeling better in March/April that I caught up on some minibooks…

2014 Minibooks1


…then after the twins arrived, I managed to do a few simple minibooks for the girls during the late summer. Then living with very little sleep for several months caught up to me, and my creativity & motivation & inspiration went dormant until December.  : )

2014 minibooks


minibooks completed

Sporadic crafting in 2014 happened in & around the upheaval of pregnancy nausea, a vast amount of doctor appointments, trips to hospitals, homeschooling, trying to be mentally present with the girls, NICU stay, and that post-baby zombie stage (which some days I still feel like I am kind of in!). And blogging kind of never happened. : )

Mostly, I practiced hand-lettering with colored pencils, or watercolors, or chalk, with a few random easy-peasy artsy projects mixed in…

2014 Crafts

And one of the most rewarding feelings: finally putting stuff on the walls of our house, adding a little bit of personalization to make it more of our home. : ) I hope to “catch up” with all the unwritten or partially written posts!

gallery walls


What kind of crafty year was 2014 for you?


One response to “A 2014 {Crafty} Year-in-Review

  1. Okay the secret watercolor message is such a fun idea!!! And your walls are so inspiring with your own art and lovely pictures. Handmade art/items is something I’m trying to slowly add into our home decor. My lettering has a looong way to go to be presentable. Yours looks amazing!

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