Secret Watercolor Messages for Your Kids

watercolor messages

With a house full of little ones, and monotonous gray January days, I have tried to find simple, fun activities for me & the crew to do. We are in the midst of a watercolor craze over here, and I wanted to give my oldest — who is a bit of a reluctant reader — a fun way to practice reading. We have done this for several days, and it still hasn’t gotten old!


This is simple + fun! All you need is: paper (I have used both watercolor paper & mixed media paper), a white crayon, watercolors (+ brush & water cup), and an eager little painter. : )

secret message


Write your message in white crayon on your paper. I have written mostly sweet notes.

anna painting



I have also hidden a special treat somewhere in the house and written its location on the paper. Then I told them they must paint the paper & read the secret message to find their treat.

watercolors4watercolor2 watercolor3

(Anna read Noelle’s for her. Noelle’s my little crafter/painter/artist girl, so she couldn’t bear to pass up a chance to paint something!)









One response to “Secret Watercolor Messages for Your Kids

  1. that is so fun! I’ll have to do it with my little ones they will love it!

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