Three Valentine’s Minibooks

Valentine’s Day is drawing closer! I remembered I had these three little mini’s that I made up during the summer: they are perfect for a little gift to your loved one!

These are different from any other minibooks I’ve offered in that most pages in the kits already come with simple embellishments: all you need to add are your photos (3×3 or 2×2 Instagram photos would be perfect!) + words + anything else to ‘finish’ the pages!

You & Me Mini $10.00

youme1 youme2 youme3 youme4 youme5 youme6


Love Notes Mini $10.00

notes1 notes5 notes4 notes3 notes2

The Story Mini $10.00

victoria gardens 1 victoria gardens 2 victoria gardens 3 victoria gardens 4 victoria gardens 5 victoria gardens 6


2 responses to “Three Valentine’s Minibooks

  1. I wanna know where you find for crafting!!! I have a drawer full of stuff I want to keep and remember. But never find time to make something with it. I so want to though. Any tips??

    • I seriously only get to craft in 15-45 minute spurts a day, IF that — sometimes it’s that amount every few days! I try to organize my projects before I ever get started: I make my own “kits” with all the supplies I will need, get all the pictures ready, etc, then keep it in a “project keeper” folder all together, so when it’s the kids’ rest times or they are watching a 30-minute video, or they are content and occupied and there’s nothing pressing for me to be doing with dinner/house stuff, I pull it out. Sometimes I set out art stuff (watercolors, paper + scissors + glue, play-doh) for the girls, and we “do art” together. I have learned to be content that it can take me a week to a month to finish one project!!

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