A “Coffee Party” for Rust


My sweet Anna is always dreaming up adventures, planning parties & gatherings, and coming up with all sorts of ideas. She is so different from me, yet I think because of our differences, we really click. She stretches me and continually helps me move out of my (very-introverted) comfort zone (like wanting to knock on every door in our neighborhood to meet people, invite everyone in our church to their birthday parties, pass out cookies or treats to people we meet, write people we’ve only met once or twice friendly letters, and on and on). I love this about her! She teaches me so much and helps me grow as a person. : )


One idea she had was to throw a “coffee party” for Rust, since Rust loves coffee. She wanted to invite practically the whole world and ask everyone to bring him coffee (love the heart behind it!), but since Rust is an introvert like me and hates to be in the spotlight, we just made it a family party (our clan + my parents–Rust’s parents happened to be coming the next weekend for Cate’s birthday party!).



We made coffee cookies and had chocolate fondue with way too many sweets, something we haven’t done in almost two years (had fondue, that is… we have had plenty of sweets in the last two years)!

coffee9coffee4 coffee5



I have a very rough draft of a post I wanted to write about Rust for Valentine’s Day, then his birthday… but it has been SO difficult to put into words what he has meant to me during my last year… through a complicated pregnancy, a NICU stay, and an almost year-long fog of very little sleep. To have been continually served when at my weakest physically; to have been loved when I have been stretched thin and unlovable; to have been quickly forgiven when snappy, or selfish, or stressed… He has quietly tended to our family the past year, often taking most (if not all!) of my load, and never resenting me–for being weak, for never getting it all done, for forgetting simple daily things, for getting stressed or snarky or selfish. He is not perfect, I’m not saying he is, and he would never say he is, but I say–he has loved us all so well. Beautifully well.

So this little coffee party was a fun “thank you!” and a fun “you are loved!” and I am SO glad my Anna just kept insisting we do it! She loves so well. Like her Daddy.


4 responses to “A “Coffee Party” for Rust

  1. So so sweet! Love this idea. And love sweet Anna.

  2. This is such a precious story! I love all of the little touches you put into the menu and treats. Your final paragraphs were really sweet and moving, and this party definitely showed that you weren’t “unlovable.” Only a generous and loving person could’ve gone to great lengths to do that!

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  4. So so sweet!! What a fun way to celebrate daddy!

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