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Good Friday FREE! Printable

I just had to share one more free printable for Easter — my favorite Easter song!

death in grave shop photo

Death in His Grave PDF 

Here’s the video… I love this song!


Daily Goals for Momma Printable FREEBIE!

I live with many, many little people. I LOVE it, and most days I truly feel like the wealthiest woman in the world. And then there are the days that are long, stretching, exhausting, and emotional. It can be challenging balancing the needs — physical, emotional, and spiritual — of our little tribe with the needs of the house & to-do lists. Too easily I see my most successful accomplishments as what I have finished & gotten through. If I have the tidiest house, with all the socks arranged, and toys put away, but have bulldozed little hearts in the process, I have built a well-organized museum, not a refuge; if I make all the meals, healthy and homemade, but have served them with grumpiness and resentment, I have given them a cafeteria to eat in, not a table to feast at; and if I cross the finish line of the day with my list checked off, yet have not loved the souls that fill the house I’m so desperately trying to maintain, I have accomplished nothing of real value.

I made three different “Daily Goals for Momma” — I need to help myself keep the main things, the main things. I want to remember the good portion.

If you feel like you’d like some daily goals for Momma — here is a free printable in two different versions. This is the first one I handlettered, made after an earlier version I drew up two years ago.

Click the link below each picture to download an 8×10 PDF file you can print & enjoy! Print several more to pass along to your momma friends! All I ask is that you do not sell this print, in physical or digital form.


pink freebie

Pink Watercolor Daily Goals for Momma PDF


Daily Goals for Momma PDF


The other two versions (last picture) will be available in my Etsy shop later this week!

Recently in the Shop –

A smattering of new minibook kits have been slowly added to the shop the past few weeks!

{click link to browse each mini in the shop}

Some bright, cheery, and girly folded/sewn minibook kits…

stripes1 polka1



I have made a couple folded minibooks — mostly to house verses or peptalks about a particular area or issue going on in my life — and they have become some of my favorite to fill in! They can get chunky, depending on what you add, and I just love it, like a real little book that ties with twine or ribbon. : )

Also new in the shop — more masculine-themed minibooks. Man I love woodgrain. Blue + green + woodgrain feature prominently in these. They’d be great for Father’s Day, to a brand new dad or your dad/fatherly figure, with your thoughts & those favorite snapshots.

IMG_7053 dapper woodgrain 4

A happy party mini…pennant1

And lastly, probably some of the most cheerful minibooks I’ve made. Ha!

Color Drops 2 stripes2

Tomorrow — another free printable!!

Three Valentine’s Minibooks

Valentine’s Day is drawing closer! I remembered I had these three little mini’s that I made up during the summer: they are perfect for a little gift to your loved one!

These are different from any other minibooks I’ve offered in that most pages in the kits already come with simple embellishments: all you need to add are your photos (3×3 or 2×2 Instagram photos would be perfect!) + words + anything else to ‘finish’ the pages!

You & Me Mini $10.00

youme1 youme2 youme3 youme4 youme5 youme6


Love Notes Mini $10.00

notes1 notes5 notes4 notes3 notes2

The Story Mini $10.00

victoria gardens 1 victoria gardens 2 victoria gardens 3 victoria gardens 4 victoria gardens 5 victoria gardens 6

Minibook Shop Sale!

I am working on a few follow-up posts to my “house musings” post from yesterday. Yes, I am wordy.

In the meantime, I’ve reopened the shop with a sale! 15% off!


In between packing and cooking and cleaning and schooling and playing, I’ve been working on some spruced-up Christmas/winter minibooks! Hopefully they will make their appearance in the shop in the next few weeks! : ) Sneak peeks coming soonish!

Last Chance Sale on Winter/Christmas Minibooks

I am doing a bit of spring cleaning with my little shop! I am having a final sale of very, very, very reduced prices on Christmas/Winter minibooks! Think you’d love to document your Christmas or winter holidays this upcoming year? Or wish you could go back and record all your memories from a previous Christmas/winter season? Then here’s your chance to snatch up one of the remaining winter/Christmas mini’s & try your hand at creating your own little minibook… it is so easy! : )


Alpine Frost Gray Minibook – now $9 / originally $13


Wintersong Minibook – Oh Deer – now $9 / originally $11


Blitzen Minibook Bubbly – now $6 / originally $7


Alpine Frost Minibook – Cream – now $9 / originally $13

Spring Shop Update & a Poll

I finally finished adding several new spring-to-summer minibook kits!


A fun assorted mix of Crate Paper’s Neighborhood (can’t wait to use this cheery paper for a project of my own!), Echo Park’s Walk in the Park (Anna & I are working on a mini together using one of these kits!), Basic Grey’s Hello Luscious (using same papers as my mother’s day mini), and My Mind’s Eye’s Lost & Found Market Street (my fave of the update!).

And here are other spring minibooks I added back in January…


With a full shop & most of my ‘stock’ now (finally!!) listed, I am going to take a couple month break from listing anything (most likely until June when I’ll add a few summer mini’s!) and instead have fun focusing on finishing & creating my own personal minibooks!

And now some business…

I’d love to take one more minute of your time…for those who read (maybe??) this crafty blog… I’d love to gauge how much interest there would be in a minibook giveaway! I have yet to do a giveaway on this blog, and since it’s a minibook/crafty blog, and since I have a plethora of empty minibooks, I LOVE giving them away! I have a nice little summer minibook journal in the works, but why have a giveaway if no one will enter? Call me insecure. And dorky. : )

So! A poll. : ) If you’d like a chance to win a summerly mini journal just for you, would you participate in the poll? Please? Humor me? Thanks so much!!

February Discount — One Week Left


There’s still time to use this & still plenty of minibook kits awaiting nice, loving homes. : ) Use the code “LOVERLY2013” at checkout & receive a 10%-off discount!

In other news, I finally got around to adding an “About” page on my Etsy shop… it tells the story of this little shop o’ mine.

Happy Friday!

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here! I have been working so much behind-the-scenes on several blog & shop ideas that I felt a little in limbo with posting the last two weeks. What I mean is I didn’t want to post anything just for the sake of posting. Just as I want to document my life & my family’s life with purpose, it’s also important to me that I blog with purpose, too!

But, as a result of those labors, I’m happy to say you can expect a full week of posts next week…


I am working on transferring my crafty/artsy projects from my {now-private} family blog to this new blog…  so next week will feature a smattering of posts (in no particular order, not related at all!) of these DIY Project Rewind posts… because these are all old projects of mine I’m just reposting here! : )

There are still plenty of Valentine’s and love-themed minibooks in the shop! (And all other sorts, too!) While Rust & I aren’t too crazy about Valentine’s Day, I think it’s healthy & good to cultivate an attitude of celebration & gratitude at the love story — with its ugly chapters AND bright & shining chapters — that God is writing throughout our life & relationship. I hope to order some prints & work on one of those tag mini’s (which I love love love) this upcoming week. We will see.
And, for bonus fun, here’s a video to brighten your day…

Happy Friday!!

Coupon Code!


Now through the month of February, use this coupon code at checkout: LOVERLY2013


Some Valentine’s minibooks were added today with more to come!! : )