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Daily Goals for Momma Printable FREEBIE!

I live with many, many little people. I LOVE it, and most days I truly feel like the wealthiest woman in the world. And then there are the days that are long, stretching, exhausting, and emotional. It can be challenging balancing the needs — physical, emotional, and spiritual — of our little tribe with the needs of the house & to-do lists. Too easily I see my most successful accomplishments as what I have finished & gotten through. If I have the tidiest house, with all the socks arranged, and toys put away, but have bulldozed little hearts in the process, I have built a well-organized museum, not a refuge; if I make all the meals, healthy and homemade, but have served them with grumpiness and resentment, I have given them a cafeteria to eat in, not a table to feast at; and if I cross the finish line of the day with my list checked off, yet have not loved the souls that fill the house I’m so desperately trying to maintain, I have accomplished nothing of real value.

I made three different “Daily Goals for Momma” — I need to help myself keep the main things, the main things. I want to remember the good portion.

If you feel like you’d like some daily goals for Momma — here is a free printable in two different versions. This is the first one I handlettered, made after an earlier version I drew up two years ago.

Click the link below each picture to download an 8×10 PDF file you can print & enjoy! Print several more to pass along to your momma friends! All I ask is that you do not sell this print, in physical or digital form.


pink freebie

Pink Watercolor Daily Goals for Momma PDF


Daily Goals for Momma PDF


The other two versions (last picture) will be available in my Etsy shop later this week!


2013 Pinterest Projects


Well, well, well! I am highly ambitious for the 2013 year — I’ve selected TWELVE projects I’ve seen on Pinterest to try to do this year. In fact, we’ve already done three of the twelve this year: Rust has already managed to knock-out one for me; we did one together; & I’ve done one with the girls. At the end of 2012, I  looked over and over again at my ridiculously long  “To Try” board on Pinterest & picked these 12 to try this year.

In no particular order: 1. Salt Dough Ornaments Inspiration from I Rock So What | 2. Framing Bathroom Mirrors from Southern Hospitality | 3. Magnetic Me from Creative Juice | 4. Painted Mason Jars from Simply Ciani  | 5. You Had Me At Hello from Honeysuckle | 6. Family Cookbook from Clover Lane | 7. Painted Chalkboard Goals  from Mary Kate McDevitt  | 8. Paint-by-Number Makeover from Under the Sycamore | 9. Chalk Clock (source unknown) | 10. Anthro-Inspired Snow Globes from Whipperberry | 11. Chalk Ornaments from The Examined Life | 12. Painted Wood Sign from My Pink Life

{I realize #12 isn’t pictured above — I left it out! But I crammed in three different links to her beautiful painted signs above so you can catch my drift!}

Throughout the year, I’ll be updating on these 12 projects — starting with, obviously, the three we’ve already completed. Yay to craftiness, yay to DIY, and yay to Pinterest for being able to collect & share such inspiring projects!

What are your Pinterest projects??