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Parties Minibook

IMG_5186 For almost every party, I make some sort of paper banner… it’s a (usually) quick, simple, and inexpensive way to add some merriment to a celebration. I also hate wasting paper, too — especially the pretty patterned paper that I used to make a million pennants for Cate’s first birthday party, two years ago. So can you guess what I did with all those triangles?? : ) parties1 feature1

Yep. A party-themed pennant minibook. I thought it’d be fun to chronicle our family parties we’ve had over the years! My birthday is at the end of October, and growing up my mom gave me many Halloween-themed parties–I LOVE looking back at the stuff she did, made, and created! I’m glad she took photos of the party but also the decorations, food, and games. It is really fun. I wanted something like that, just all in one place, for my girls. (I am not counting on my boys caring?!)parties2 parties3 feature2

In our yearly family photo album (I make them through My Publisher), I heavily chronicle the people at the parties, so for this mini I mostly stuck to the theme/decor and included just a few of the people at the party. parties4 parties5 feature3 parties6 feature4I made so many pennants for the party that, even after I jam-packed this mini with paper, I had some leftover! There’s only one available pennant minibook kit in the shop! {Click for more details!} pennant1


Noelle’s Frozen Birthday Party


As I was planning for Cate’s party, I remembered the last time we had any sort of celebration was a year ago, Noellie’s 4th. She has a summer birthday, but since I knew the boys were coming early (I didn’t know how early!) we had a surprise birthday party for her in May.



I think one of the highlights of my life was throwing a surprise party for Noelle. It was SO fun planning secretly, then quickly decorating during her afternoon room/rest time, letting Anna help with everything– and Anna was so sweet, so great, not a hint of jealousy that her younger sister was getting a surprise party.


Like almost any other little girl in America a year ago, Noelle was obsessed with Frozen. : ) So coming up with a party idea wasn’t difficult at all!

frozen3At the end of her rest time, I helped her get dressed… a year ago she dressed up as Elsa everyday, complete with a cape and dress and braid. So I helped her get dressed, and I won’t forget how fun it was to walk her downstairs to a roomful of people who loved her, the Frozen soundtrack playing, presents, and ‘Frozen’ treats. She had NO idea!



I could not have done this party without my parents! Seriously. I was (unbeknownst to me) just a few week away from delivering, on partial bedrest, VERY pregnant, VERY tired, with very little energy! My dad drew Noelle’s favorite part of the movie — the ice palace — on the chalkboard. He also painted Anna and Elsa peg dolls. My mom made most of the desserts, handled the punch, and made the ice candy to go on the cake (see here, here, and here for inspiration!) Thanks so much, Mom & Dad. : ) frozen5 frozen6 frozen7 frozen8


Cate’s 3rd Birthday


Last month we had the joy of celebrating our middle daughter Cate’s 3rd birthday with a fun little family party. This year I really wanted to have a bright, cheery party for my Cate. Her birthday last year fell between my trips to the Cincinnati Fetal Center (for the TTTS), and while we made the best of that birthday, I wanted to let her have the excitement of another party this year. : )


As always, I drew my inspiration for Cate’s party from — what else? — patterned paper, this time using We R Memory Keeper’s Inked Rose collection. Painted mason jars & tins, striped paper straws, pink posters, and painted canvas — it was nice to spend some rest times crafting these decorations.


I was out of pretty ribbon to tie up her packages, so I used a copper-colored sharpie and drew right on the wrapping paper… addicted! I think I’m going to decorate every package this way, now!

cbday4 cbday5


cbday7 cbday8 cbday9 cbday10

cbday11 cbday12

I had arranged a desk with silver tins of paints and brushes, and we were going to have the kiddos paint their own 8×10 canvases as part of the party. But the day was pretty lovely, and between my sister and me we have EIGHT lively, loud, playful children. We sent the non-babies outside instead. And just cuddled the babies. ; )

cbday13Sweet girl! She had so much fun!

Noelle’s 3rd Birthday Party!


In late June we had a small third birthday for sweet Noelle! She’s our typical reserved child, but this year Noellie surprised us by wanting a birthday party–which she loved! Her favorite thing lately has been cupcakes (her great-grandparents had given her a set of cupcake pajamas this past Christmas; she is a little obsessed with them and now cupcakes…) so we have a simple ‘decorate-your-own-cupcake’ party!


We had her party the same week we put our house up for sale — so no fun pompom, streamers, or bunting on the ceiling! I was a little sad. In fact, because we were so busy ‘staging’ the house & decluttering and cleaning, we kept the party pretty simple! It really worked that it was a cupcake decorating party–it saved me so much time! Ha!


This party is a little more colorful than the typical soft, neutral color palettes I am drawn to! The paper used for the pinwheels & name banner was from an on-sale October Afternoon collection called Woodland Park. Pretty cute!



Rust even made fun of me because I added leftover paper to the store-bought icing containers! : )


For a game (which the girls played before the party, but we didn’t really during), we had a simple beanbag toss into a ‘cupcake oven’ — which Anna helped me paint. : )


Info: easy cheeseburger sliders | pinwheel tutorial | painted mason jars | cupcake bunting | paper: October Afternoon’s Woodland Park

And two sweet pictures of my birthday girl!!


DIY Shower Decoration: A Blessing Tree


One nice & visually attractive centerpiece at a shower or party (engagement, anniversary, wedding shower, baby shower) is a blessing tree. These are quite simple to pull together & look really great!

What is a blessing tree, you ask? It is simply a way for guests to share encouraging words, words of wisdom, favorite Bible verses or quotes, a prayer, a blessing, or notes of love & congratulations. At some point during the event, simply ask the guests to fill out a card at their own convenience before they leave. You get a nice centerpiece and the honorees get personal notes to take home, read, and be blessed by!

Our church recently hosted a baby shower for two momma’s. We chose to make blessing tree centerpieces for the table…


You need –

  • a tall vase decorated to your taste (as above – burlap + fabric flower, made by my sweet friend Lindsey)
  • sturdy sticks with many branching parts
  • stones or beads to weigh down the bottom of the vase – we used river stones
  • cardstock cards, punched and threaded with ribbon of choice
  • directions for guests

Here’s what you need to do:

– Decorate your vase & gather your branches.

– Make your cards. I used patterned paper — Echo Park’s For the Record: Documented collection — & my paper trimmer to make 3×4-inch cards. I also used a corner rounder to get those lovely rounded edges. I punched a hole in the top & strung them with (I think?) brown hemp.

– I also made a quick mini-banner with the babies’ names to string up in the blessing tree.



I love the spring color theme!




Here are a few other shots from the shower! Love how light & airy it turned out!







Paper Party Banner for a Boy


Navy. I love the color navy. When my friend Alicia & I had the wonderful opportunity to throw a sweet friend (and my neighbor!) a simple baby shower to celebrate the arrival of her third baby (he’s here!!), I was probably way too excited to use the color navy. (With having three girls, I have grown to really, really, really love pink–I see it all the time!–but it’s SO fun to do boy-themed stuff, too!)


This banner was pretty simple to make! Here’s how it came together…

– I knew I wanted 2 strands of bunting coming from a cluster of tissue pompoms & lanterns over the center of the table. I wanted a mix of patterns & colors & shapes.

– I ended up using:

  • 1 12×12 sheet patterned paper (navy zigzag/chevron)
  • 1 12×12 sheet of navy textured cardstock
  • 1 12×12 sheet of blue textured cardstock
  • 6 white triangle paper buntings using the measurements from this post, already had on hand — but it’s equivalent to 1 12×12 sheet of white textured cardstock
  • 6 kraft cardstock triangle paper buntings – equivalent to 1 12×12 sheet of kraft cardstock
  • package of 8-inch (or 10-inch??) paper doily bunting
  • ribbon

– The navy zigzag pattern was my starting point of inspiration. I selected two textured cardstock colors — a navy and a blue — to coordinate with it. Those I cut from a chipboard bunting template we used for the name sign (see below). Then I added my kraft & white triangles I always keep on hand, and at the last minute threw in some paper doilies (folded in half) leftover from Cate’s first birthday party.


– I chose an order that appealed to me visually, and strung them in that pattern over and over again! I did: zigzag -> white -> blue -> kraft -> navy -> doily. I used 16-17 pieces per strand.

– I used 6 zigzag, 6 white, 6 blue, 6 kraft, 6 navy, & 4 doilies. You can make the triangles following the directions in this post. Six paper pennants can be made from 1 12×12-inch sheet of paper!

– I punched the corners of each piece of paper the alternated stringing them front/back. I simply folded the doilies over the ribbon & used a glue-stick to glue the ends.


– Alicia made the super cute name banner! I love the shape of 2-point pennants! She used the same navy zigzag paper & blue/navy cardstock. The base of the banner was chipboard pennants, found at Hobby Lobby. (Click here to view their selection!)


We served simple appetizers! My favorite of the night were bacon-wrapped sweet potato bites made by Alicia… my first time trying them, but — so delicious!


Some of the girls in our small group! I am so, so thankful for these ladies & I have loved getting to know them!!


Cate’s 1st Birthday Party!

Here are some shots of the decorations of Cate’s first birthday. Simple & cheap decorations – 12×12 scrapbook paper & tissue paper & paper doilies & some paper lanterns that I’ve had on hand the last few years. Her party was inspired by, big surprise, a paper collection called “Hello Friend” by Glitz (one of my fave paper companies!). Even her invites were inspired by the paper…

cate's first bday

Love the light, airy feel of confetti, whites & creams, soft pinks with pops of coral!

Here’s the decorations…c's1stbsday-collage3






5×5 monthly pictures printed by Persnickety Prints | tissue pompom tutorial | Hello Friend paper | painted mason jars | paper doily bunting tutorial | pennant party banner tutorial 

And one quick shot of the sweet birthday girl! (The gorgeous!!! headband from my sweet friend Beth, who co-owns an amazing crafty local shop, Sparrow’s Eave.)