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Recently in the Shop –

A smattering of new minibook kits have been slowly added to the shop the past few weeks!

{click link to browse each mini in the shop}

Some bright, cheery, and girly folded/sewn minibook kits…

stripes1 polka1



I have made a couple folded minibooks — mostly to house verses or peptalks about a particular area or issue going on in my life — and they have become some of my favorite to fill in! They can get chunky, depending on what you add, and I just love it, like a real little book that ties with twine or ribbon. : )

Also new in the shop — more masculine-themed minibooks. Man I love woodgrain. Blue + green + woodgrain feature prominently in these. They’d be great for Father’s Day, to a brand new dad or your dad/fatherly figure, with your thoughts & those favorite snapshots.

IMG_7053 dapper woodgrain 4

A happy party mini…pennant1

And lastly, probably some of the most cheerful minibooks I’ve made. Ha!

Color Drops 2 stripes2

Tomorrow — another free printable!!


Shop Fun Lately

With five little ones at home, my “free time” to work on shop & blog stuff is even more limited now — so blogging, even with my best intentions, falls to the wayside more often than I plan. : ) However, I am more and more regaining my energy & motivation for the “extras” now that the buddies, finally, at 9 months old, began sleeping through the night! (Getting them allergy-tested, then cutting out their allergens–eggs! tree nuts! peanuts!–from my diet got them sleeping through the night within 5 days of their appointment!!) More energy & motivation = more fun ideas for the shop!

I’ve had fun packaging recent orders & sending out surprise mini-mini’s with orders…

IMG_3006 IMG_3020



I rarely take custom orders — time really is limited! — but I was SO happy to work with a customer who wanted to make eight minibooks for her friends… what lucky friends! I loved working on these because they used one of my favorite paper lines, We R Memory Keepers Chalkboard collection! I have several ideas for minibooks of my own using this collection, and piecing these together made me excited to completing some of my own with this line!

IMG_4570 IMG_4602  IMG_4990



I also sorted through craft supplies, which almost always leads to new ideas for minibooks! Here are some peeks of what will be coming to the shop in the next few months…

IMG_5013 IMG_5026 IMG_5198

Last Chance! Minibooks

last chance minibooksI’ve moved several minibooks (winter, spring, Easter-themed) to the Last Chance! section of the shop. All minibooks in that section have greatly reduced prices, plus are expiring soon. Once expired, I will dismantle them and use in other creative endeavors (like sewing practice)!

If you’ve had a hankerin’ to try this simple form of memory-keeping, snatching up a reduced minibook ($10 and under) is a low-risk way to try it out!

Three Valentine’s Minibooks

Valentine’s Day is drawing closer! I remembered I had these three little mini’s that I made up during the summer: they are perfect for a little gift to your loved one!

These are different from any other minibooks I’ve offered in that most pages in the kits already come with simple embellishments: all you need to add are your photos (3×3 or 2×2 Instagram photos would be perfect!) + words + anything else to ‘finish’ the pages!

You & Me Mini $10.00

youme1 youme2 youme3 youme4 youme5 youme6


Love Notes Mini $10.00

notes1 notes5 notes4 notes3 notes2

The Story Mini $10.00

victoria gardens 1 victoria gardens 2 victoria gardens 3 victoria gardens 4 victoria gardens 5 victoria gardens 6

Four weeks in AND shop sale!


We are HOME! We have been home four glorious, tired, joyful, stretching weeks! Some days are smooth and dreamy, where the house runs like a nice little machine & there’s laughter, messes, much snuggling, and fun. Other days take a nose dive into chaos & crying right away, where it all runs away from me, and I spent the whole day trying to catch up & catch my breath. Everyday, though, is full & fast, and there is a bright spotlight, or if not that a small glimmer, of how gracious & tender & loving & kind God has been to us through everything.

During the boys’ 20 & 27 day NICU stay, I wrote so much! Someday I hope to find minutes here and there to type some of them out. God is good.





In the meantime, I am running a 20%-off sale at my Etsy shop! Because of bedrest & all the upheaval that was my pregnancy, I never nested. (In fact, I picked out the boys’ room paint color over text while at Ronald McDonald house, ha!) As soon as I got home, that nesting instinct kicked in and I have cleaned out almost every closet & cranny in our house in the last 4 weeks! This included my craft stash! I am ready to clean out all those minibooks and maybe someday finally list all those other ones waiting to be photographed! : )


Sewn Minibooks in the Shop!

Woohoo! The sewn minibooks are finally listed in the shop! I also added 2 standard 4×6-inch minibooks plus some smaller 3×5-inch vintage grunge minibooks… I sold several a few years ago, and forgot I had made these up!

victoria1 IMG_9916 IMG_9932 IMG_9935

Getting back into business + sneak peeks of NEW sewn minibooks!

Whew! I had no intentions of abandoning the blog, but I have not been myself the past three months. When I made my last post, I had only found out four days before that I was pregnant, again! I was still processing and digesting that  very sweet, but very surprising news, and I knew morning sickness was coming (because it has struck with a vengeance every preceding pregnancy)–I just didn’t know how awful it would hit.  : )

Twins! What a fun, fun surprise. I laugh to myself nearly everyday. I am giddy over it. I thank God a thousand times for this unexpected gift. I am so thrilled! But the nausea just knocked me off my feet from December through February–literally. There were days I could not sit up longer than fifteen minutes. All hobbies & projects & shop stuff & blogging just stopped; I had no desire to do anything other than lie down and not talk. I would feel physically sick at the thought of my past enjoyments. Seriously, I honestly thought I would never go back to blogging or shop stuff or minibook stuff because I could not STAND to look at any sort of craft stuff or be on the computer!

But now that I am seventeen weeks, I am sloooowly coming back to my former self (though I am a thousand times more tired!). I am rediscovering shop products that I worked on so happily in the fall before pregnancy, and I am now feeling motivated to share & list them!

I am prepping for a shop update coming early March! Woohoo! Back to business!! I will be listing those pretty 6×8-inch sewn minibooks I posted about in November. Back before my life halted to a crawl. : )

Here are the first rounds of sneak peeks…

gold2 blue4 pink1 sewnblgrn1 sewngreen1 sewnbrown3 purplesewn4 purplesewn3


Love these!!

Coming early 2014…


A fabulous friend of mine, Deborah, helped a tiny dream I had for the shop come true, ha! I have long had visions of making, filling, and even selling sewn minibooks! In the summer, she sewed a few test ones for me on a craft weekend getaway. I loved them! About two weeks ago, she sewed a huuuuge stack of minibooks for me! Some I am hoarding keeping for me to fill, but the others I will be listing early January in the shop! Here are the first group I will be listing…


Most are 6×8-inches with several pages of different shapes and sizes and textures. They will also come with embellishments, much like the other kits in the shop.


I love these because they are a larger size than the 4×6-inch mini’s I typically sell, and I have gotten requests before for 6×8-inch mini’s. So glad to add this to the array of minibooks–it really is a very versatile form of memory-keeping!


Once I photograph the complete kits, I will post some peeks!!

Fall Taped Thank You Mini’s


I still love making these taped mini’s from leftover scraps! With the rest of the Indian Summer collection, I made four little taped mini’s to serve as thank-you’s for shop purchases









Excited to stick these in with purchased minibook kits!

{See other mini-mini inspiration here & here & here!}

99 Sales… and Christmas Minibooks Stocked!

I have had my little minibook shop almost three years now, with periodic closings during morning sickness, a new baby, and a move. While it has always been a little side business of mine, something I haven’t thrown myself into full force, the delight of making a sale — packaging a minibook — has yet to go away.

I know there are many, many, many other shops of Etsy way more successful than mine, but I have to say–I am SO excited These Small Hours is at 99 sales!

To show my appreciation, for the next three separate customers, I am going to include an extra minibook kit as a thank you for helping get me over the 100-sale hill! These are minibooks I had set aside to list, but decided to go ahead and include as a gift to the next 3 customers!




Thanks to all the sweet customers who have purchased minibooks in the last three years, and especially those who have left encouraging notes with their order & positive feedback! It certainly sets my heart to grinnin’!

In other shop news, I FINALLY finished listing the last of the holiday minibooks!! If you have ever considered documenting your Christmas or winter holidays, these simple minibook kits might be perfect for you! Some have 25 pages — one for each day leading up to Christmas if you want to format your mini album for a Countdown to Christmas or December Daily. Some have lesser number of pages (and at a lesser price, too!) if you want to record the Big Events of December!





IMG_4100 << My favorite!!! >>


ALSO! I had way too many leftovers from my Fall 2012 mini album! So I whipped up two 5×7-inch minibook kits with the same sort of stuff!





This post is already too long, but hopefully later this week or next week I’ll share some fun minibooks coming to the shop in early 2014!! So so so excited for these!!