I am NOT a traditional scrapbooker. I have only done one 12×12 album, the first year I was married, and it was all about the little details of our wedding. It stressed me out! The pages were too large. There were too many decisions to make. How do you nicely fill an entire 12×12 page when you don’t want to spend a fortune on scrapbook embellishments or accessories? I was so relieved when I finished it.

I love paper, though, and for various projects, I had acquired quite a thick stash of it. Sometime in early 2009, I stumbled upon several blogs whose writers featured some fun little creations called minibooks.

How perfect, how fun! Chunky little paper books with notes scrawled on paper & labels & tags, with pictures and momentos interspersed throughout… perfect for me!

Here’s my collection:

Minibooks blogged about in 2009.


Minibooks blogged about in 2010.


Minibooks blogged about in 2011.


Minibooks blogged about in 2012.


Minibooks blogged about in 2013.



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