Why Minibooks?

Why Minibooks?: Because I Am  a Storyteller.

When I create a minibook, I make it always, always with the future in mind. I want to capture the little, often-forgotten details of a particular season of our life from my perspective.

I imagine looking back at each minibook five, ten, fifteen years from now. And because of the word + picture documentary style of a minibook, it will be like revisiting certain parts of our life.

I also imagine not being here five, ten, fifteen years from now–so I want to leave something tangible for our girls, my family: something they can touch and savor. I want our children to see how we tried to enjoy life together; I want to give them a window to their past, a connection to their parents & childhood. I want them to know me, to know Rust, to know themselves as they were children. I want them to know & delight in their histories, their past, their childhood. I want them to know, most of all, that they were delighted in.

The minibooks I make are pretty simple, relying on words + pictures rather than fancy embellishments. Anna LOVES them. They are perfect for little hands. Because of their odd shapes & sizes, the variety of textures, the colors & patterns, they are so enjoyable to hold & touch & peruse.

I love telling the story of our life in short snippets — in one tiny book, a story of a pregnancy, or a birth, or a season, or a love story.

By extension, I love photography, too… I love photography because it helps me slow down, to capture & savor moments. Recording memories is so important to me, & I always grew up loving to look through the many photo albums my mom lovingly created. Photography catches a single moment in time that will never be recreated. It can capture a look, an expression, a feeling. A photo can take me back to a that split-second that, while little to the rest of the world, in fact meant so much to me.


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